Storms at sea are one of the most feared by sailors, lightning causes a great name of accidents at sea and in ports. When lightning strikes the mast of a sailboat, the energy seeks the shortest way to reach land by water. In its wake, the lightning current generates effects that destroy electronic equipment, may even cause perforation of the hull that transforms into a waterway. During the split second it takes to download the beam, the entire crew is at risk of electric shock, the effects of which can range from a simple electrostatic discharge, to death by electrocution.
Are known various lightning protection systems, all based on passive ionization, usually finite element pointed or vase-shaped multi-points. These systems, excites, seeking the creation and capture of the beam on the highest point of the vessel.  Unfortunately, these systems can not control the discharge energy of lightning, which can cause electrical effects hurting electronics, communications, electrical part or jeopardize the health of the crew.

CAN WE PROTECT OUR BOAT SAFELY?                                                         
From now on YES, we can avoid the risks. New technology PDCE lightning rod, are designed to reduce the electric field builds up in the atmosphere before the presence of the lightning, its effect reduces the chances of strike in the vessel at 99%. Its working principle is based on deionized air for craft not suffer an electrical effect of high voltage and not excite the creation and capture of lightning, its technical characteristics, make it easier during a storm circulate a stream of very low intensity from the PDCE lightning rod for sacrificial anodes.

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